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PostcodeSoftware have developed the most cost effective postcoding solution available today. The software is easy to download, install and activate. We've kept our solution simple and the price low.

All prices exclude VAT / Each licence lasts 12 months from the date of purchase.

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Why use addressing software

Poor data quality within your company can not only have a detrimental impact on your brand image but can also severely affect your profitability. Every year thousands of man hours and millions of pounds are wasted due to incorrect addressing and poor data integrity.

Our cost effective addressing solutions can not only help your organisation deliver better customer service, but also help your business reduce overheads and boost efficiency.

PostcodeSoftware solutions are designed to meet the address and data management needs for all size companies, and enables you to capture, verify, cleanse and enhance name and address data.

Benefits of using address lookup data (PAF)

UK coverage

Display the address for any postcode in the UK

Reliable data

Updates from the Royal Mail on a regular basis

Eliminate errors

Eliminate spelling mistakes.

Reduce time

80% reduction of keystrokes entering addresses


Create a professional image of your business

Street or Premise Level Software

PostcodeSoftware offers two desktop products which are street or premise level solutions. For more information of the definitions of these different products please see the information below:

Street Level Licence (Part PAF)

Desktop solution that will allow a user to query a postcode and will bring back the address to street level.

Premise Level Licence (Full PAF)

Desktop solution that will allow a user to query a postcode and it will bring back a list of full addresses for that postcode including building/company name. You can then select the correct address from the list.

Example address, showing the difference between premise & street level

Premise Level (Full PAF)          Street Level (Part PAF)
Cyclops Software Ltd
Osborne House
Victoria Avenue
North Yorkshire
Victoria Avenue
North Yorkshire


Display the address for any postcode in the UK

Using the postcode lookup feature means you’ll never have to key an address again. Portray a more professional image and waste no more time miss-spelling addresses. Simply key in the postcode and click ‘Lookup’ and the address details will be displayed with the cursor placed at the start of the first line for you to key the house name or number. If the organisation has unique use of it’s postcode, the organisation name is also shown. Cut and paste into any document as required.

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Our software is very easy to integrate into other applications. If you provide software and are looking to address lookup functionality, you may wish to take a look at our developer page. You may also like to consider becoming a reseller – Click here to enquire today

Do you simply use the software?

If you use a piece of software provided by someone else, let them know about our service. Point them to this website where they will be able to provide all of the importation required.